HERO&S Foundation

Our Mission

  Our vision for the HERO&S Foundation is to establish a core of volunteer trainers that are currently instructioning in their area of expertise. Our trainers would provide in-kind services to the community that will promote the cornerstones of fitness and health but also allow them to market their services. This cross section of private + non for profit services will serve as means to bring people together for introductory classes and provide participants with a road map for advancing in their area of interest. We hope to garner interest from a variety of health and fitness professionals based on our holistic approach to health. Participating practitioners may include: physical trainers, nutritionists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, physicians, massage therapists, sports medicine, and community health workers. 

Our Board Members

Mike Leang

Chris Taddlock

Margarita Perez-Frinsco

Amanda Brown

Scott Brown

Anel Saldivar